View Full Version : Pets not visible?!

11-03-15, 12:26 PM
So, I'm playing on a galaxy tab III lite and reinstalled the game, deleted app data, emptied cache and gave it time to load, but still my jack russell and angora aren't visible! I can't see their name nor can I buy a mate for my Jack Russell....

11-03-15, 01:27 PM
Sorry to hear that! Could you try leaving the game on a bit longer to see if those two pets will load? Please let us know!

11-04-15, 09:41 AM
I left the app open for a couple of minutes but the pets
are still not visible. :(

11-04-15, 10:11 AM
Sorry to hear that! Please write into support@storm8.com and one of our agents will be able to assist you.