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11-02-15, 10:22 AM

I've noticed when I mine that I still receive the Polished Azurite, instead of the new stones for the garnet dragon. I've restarted my device, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and cleared my cache. I've checked my storage, in case they were just displaying wrong, but there are none of the new gems there. I don't want to mine, if I can't earn the right stones.

I'm on an Android Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, playing Dragon Story Harvest Moon. My ID is DawnOfShadows.

I'd appreciate any help, thoughts or suggestions. Thank you.

kooky panda
11-02-15, 10:31 AM
I will flag this over.

11-04-15, 06:10 PM

I took a screen shot of the "Success!" screen, after I successfully mined. It shows me getting the azurite as a bonus item and nothing as the main reward (it has the progress bar with 0 gems received).

http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j218/SingingFlames/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-11-04-17-29-57.png (http://s81.photobucket.com/user/SingingFlames/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-11-04-17-29-57.png.html)

kooky panda
11-05-15, 11:28 AM
Thanks for the screenshot, I will check on this status of this bug report.

11-07-15, 09:08 AM
Same situation for me, over 50 gems lost at least. Sometimes get one, instead od more, sometimes none. Never more than one, even if found more.

kooky panda
11-11-15, 03:11 PM
This should now be fixed. :)
Closing thread.