View Full Version : How to Move the dragon?

10-31-15, 02:25 AM
I want to move my dragon (adult) from storage to habitat, but i don't know how..
Pls tell me if you know, thanks:)

10-31-15, 03:25 AM
AFAIK, you can put one dragon per type in habitat. There is no need to put dragon in habitat. It's better to just sell off any excess dragon.

kooky panda
11-03-15, 02:31 PM
You cannot move any Adult Dragons from the Roost into a Habitat. When a new Dragon is hatched and raised, you can only place it in a Habitat. If the habitat is full, you won't be allowed to evolve it into an Adult. If you already have the Dragon, it will be directed to the Roost where you can either sell it in your Shop or use it in a Delivery.