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10-28-15, 04:51 PM
This might be a silly thing to open a thread for but I was wondering when you decide to hatch eggs..?

For me, there will always be an animal that I'm trying to breed. Right now that being the Sugarskull Glider and Vampire Cat and possibly a new gem animal. I never have a chance to hatch an animal because of the consistent breeding. I now have 15 eggs in storage and I want them out pretty soon, without wasting too much breeding time. (If that's even possible).

So my question is: How and when do you decide to stop breeding to hatch eggs, when your target animal to breed still hasn't come to you? :(

10-28-15, 05:50 PM
I've got 13 animals in storage that need hatching, and I find myself in the same boat as you. There's ALWAYS something going on that we need to breed, so it's hard to find the time. On the rare occasion that I am able to squeeze a hatching in, I do it when my new breeding attempt is longer than the egg in the nest. If something breeding/hatching is going to finish while I'm sleeping, I'll calculate how much "down" time there would be and then pick one of the animals that has a hatching time that is close to the same amount of time. I've also used gems on eggs that might have an hour or two left before I go to bed if the breeding pair still has a while so I can put an egg in before bed. The problem I'm finding now though is that most of the animals have hatching times of like 17 hours, which is nearly impossible to fit in without having dead time. Now, if I could get that elusive 45 hour timer, I could definitely fit in some quality hatching time! :D

10-29-15, 03:06 AM
I have over 40 animals in storage... so yeah :-)

The only advice from me is to use or to force big gaps between breeding and hatching times in order to squeeze in an egg from storage.
For example, say you are still missing some rares and/or supers in the fire/nature and lighting/dark combos. You could try the first one first off, move the probable 3hr fail to the nest and then try and breed a lighting/dark missing animal, the shortest time you'd get would be 17hrs, leaving you plenty of time (14hrs at least) to hatch an animal of your choice from the storage. That's at least what I would do if I wanted to hatch a stored animal I really like (in fact I'll do that soon in order to hatch the Halloweasel, as soon as the trio-event is over :-p ).
Hope this helped, happy hatching!

10-29-15, 09:18 AM
87 in storage and I don't want to hatch them because I know I will not have space to hatch the breedable ones. I prefer to leave in storage the ones that go there because I cannot never put a breedable animal in storage.

My strategy in DS and FFS with storage is the same, leaving the storage full of dragons/animals because I want to be sure that I will always have space for breedable dragons/animals.

10-29-15, 10:09 PM
26 animals in storage.
i hatch them only nest is available or for a gem goal and if i have places in habitat.
i never hatch the duplicates (spin wheel)

10-29-15, 11:02 PM
Thank you all for your replies. I hardly ever end up with a time gap long enough to fit in an egg, so I might have to start forcing gaps. I used to be great at getting long fail times, but at the moment it's just 9 and 10 hour animals popping up. :rolleyes: I guess I should only hatch animals with special elements to help with battling and leave basic elements in storage so I don't have a space issue earlier than really necessary.

Thanks again :)

10-30-15, 08:31 AM
I have 25 animals in storage and try to squeeze one in if I have a gap in breeding times- which doesn't seem to happen too often. To be honest, it's made me not care as much about tournaments and such because I know the animal will just go into storage at the end. I used to try to win them all, now there's not much point in wasting the effort and gems on a tricky round :)