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10-18-15, 09:19 AM
I was saving my Gold in jewel mania in case I got stuck.
I had 74 Gold, while being in level 378.
I did not open the next level because It costs 73 which leaves me with nothing.
I just came back to find I only have 46 Gold.
NO I did not refill, NO I did not buy any boost,
NO I did not do anything with my Gold not even by mistake :mad: :mad: :mad:

And that ALSO happened with Cupcake Mania! Just Effing 2 days ago and I bit the bullet but this is now beyond the pale:mad:
I Had 91 Gems in cupcake mania, came back to find them dwindled to 46, I was watching all of the ads to get them.
Again NO I did not refill, NO I did not buy boosts costing gems :mad: :mad:
now I am back to 67 after watching all of those adds. :mad: :mad:

I want both my Gems and Gold in both gsames back, Otherwise both will be deleted.
What is the use of downloading other games to get gems/gold, watch endless ads to find the very next day, that they vanished! :mad:

Now I am keeping close watch on all of S8 games I have like CS, RS, Home Design, BS because it seems it is starting to become a "tradition"

kooky panda
10-18-15, 02:39 PM
I am sorry you are having issues.
Please send an email to support@storm8.com so an agent can check your account.