View Full Version : New feature should be add :)

10-17-15, 02:31 AM
May I thing a new feature?
^_^ In restaurant story 2 should have a dirty table or dirty floor
And You can add a facebook friend to a waiter or maid to clean and serve.
Or add a flush toilet to make a coin from people in game .

01-07-16, 08:54 PM
I would really like if the scenery matched the actual seasons we are in. Example we had the cooking carol, beautiful snow. Now onto the yeti challenge and we are already back to the regular version with piercing bright green grass.
I'm pretty addicted to the game as is so other than seasonal confusion, I guess just the usual requests: the food truck, fish boat and Ferris wheel, bring it on storm8! Different doors, larger pantry, more shovels & hammers and of course more counters counters counters! Lol