View Full Version : Getting back my Autumn Atrium :(

10-10-15, 03:31 PM
Can anyone please advise - is there any chance to get back my Autumn Atrium from the current event Autumn Festival? I had no idea it's an individual prize and you cen get only one.. so, by mistake, I've sold it when I was trying to rearrange my forest and then, really surprised, I saw I can;t buy them in the shop.

Please, is there any chance to get my Atrium back? I'd really love to have a place for these 4 awsome creatures in my Storage. I've been playing for almost a year and was always trying to finish all events, so it would mean a lot if I can have these animals as well.

Thanks for any tips or help or anything actually!

kooky panda
10-10-15, 03:51 PM
Please send an email to support@storm8.com for assistance.

[S8] Elsa
10-12-15, 10:31 AM
Please send me your ticket number via PM when you've created the ticket. :)