View Full Version : So maybe my visual memory is to blame...

10-08-15, 07:54 AM
This is a great game! No waiting 22 hours on eggs to hatch, nothing that gets rotten if you miss a day ;)
But might I suggest you clarify which dragon is asked for in the orders? It's not easy for me to tell them apart by just their pictures, not to mention it took me a while to figure out that sometimes it's asking for grown-up dragons instead of babies.

10-19-15, 01:43 PM
Yes that would be very helpfull! I keep going to the habitats to check which dragon i need to raise!

Another thing: the orders now always ask for six shells, corals, etc. It used to be various numbers, which is way more fun! If you have time to spend on the game you opt for short timed orders, else you make longer timed stuff. So: please bring back the various numbers of items (shells corals and such) in the requests!

11-16-15, 09:16 AM
Thank you so much for listening to this! Like Gustafrog I went back and forth between habitats and order place, usually several times :D Now I'm concentrating on orders that gives most money so dragons are important items. Still loving the game, filled all "old habitats" and now working on Forest. Love the update.