View Full Version : Tipping Mechanics: Tipping Yourself

10-08-15, 06:51 AM
I would like to see a change in the tipping mechanics. As it stands right now, when we visit a neighbor, we tip and gift them. Well, I would like to suggest that instead of us tipping them, when we visit their store, by clicking on their tables, we are tipping ourselves. This may sound a little odd, but I believe this would serve both players and Storm8.
First of all, it will encourage neighbors to visit. If you are in essence earning your own tips buy visiting someone else's place, it will encourage neighbors to play daily! Secondly, this benefits Storm8 because, when neighbors are visiting other neighbors, it should encourage them to spend more gems. Why? Because when they are visiting neighbors, they are checking out their stores, and when they do that, they see other decorations that they might like to have.
Some of us have neighbors who don't show up on a daily basis, and there is animosity amongst the neighbors who feel that one is taking and not giving in return, but if you are, in essence, tipping yourself, people who don't visit, will receive nothing by default. And again, you are encouraging sales when neighbors show up daily!
As I see it, this is a win win situation. And even if people still don't show up, it isn't hurting ANYONE not even the neighbor that wasn't visited.

Thoughts Anyone??