View Full Version : I cann't play FFS today

09-30-15, 07:06 AM
I can not play the FSF. There is a bug! I collect harvest again and again and again ad infinitum. Furthermore, when I finish the game and go into another application then my iphone does not want to enter into a normal working environment. The screen is dark or out of the game screen, but without sliding panel. I need to do 3-4 restart. This happened after the latest system software update to iPhone. Some of you are there any problems? The problem with harvesting was starting 15 min ago.

09-30-15, 07:19 AM
Oh, finally the problem of the harvesting is fine but still have a problem with getting in and out of the game. I have no problem with any other game on your phone. Only with this one.

kooky panda
09-30-15, 08:39 AM
Try deleting and redownloading the game to see if that fixes your issues.

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10-01-15, 12:28 AM
kooky panda, if I delete the game then when I load the game again will I lose level of my evolution in the game?

kooky panda
10-01-15, 10:19 AM
You will not lose your game progress. Your games are saved on S8's severs. Once you redownload all your items and progress will be there.

(Make sure you have set up a password for your storm ID)

10-02-15, 01:32 AM
Thank you, kooky panda! :o