View Full Version : Humble Harvest Event ,gone from my game

09-28-15, 01:10 AM
hey i started task humble harvest , and now i cant see it on my game , i did not read this tread and have evolve the maple dragon to level 10...

have look evryvere , uninstalling , installing again , restart my samsung s4 ( android )

have sent to support , but not get any respons... the event is gone in the game,,, do i have to sell the maple dragon ?


i was finish whith chapter 2---

[S8] Elsa
09-28-15, 11:54 AM
Are you playing the original version of the game? Please note that the event isn't available in seasonal editions.

09-28-15, 12:22 PM
hi , i think i have it before i uninstalled , and now i have download the orignial and it works :) thanks so much