View Full Version : MISSING champions !MISSING neighbors ,MISSING diamonds

09-25-15, 08:15 AM
SEPT13 WENT on games to see in HORROR MY NBS ! MANY OF MY CHAMPIONS missing , ON one game total NO neighbors , 5 OF my diamonds MISSING plus 5 CHAMPIONS! I wrote. IMMEDIATELY! I got their GENERIC response! SINCE that day I get NO response! nbrs that I have played have come to ask if I DELETED them! ONCE THEY HEWRD WASNT ME ! THEY have ADDED me back! I have asked them to go INTO their SERVERS and fix my GAME! they have NOT responded , THINK it's bad enough everyone is CRASHING since the UPDATE of May, THEY blame it on EVERYONES devices!! this is beyond a FAILURE to a customer who has played for almost 3 YEARS to not fix games especially when IF they have SERVERS should not take long to fix. I am saving all my letters as champions from battles re the HARDEST thing to get most time , DIAMONDS one of mine was my. ANGEL LEVEL 13, MERCURY 10 GOLD 10 CRUSADER10' And a smaller quezal , IGNORING me isn't going to make me happy! I uninstalled and reinstalled did nothing, SEPT 13 IS when this HAPPENED! just fix my GAMES! my FAMILY wants me tossing all as they REFUSE to play your games AGAIN! NEXT is social media MR PERRY TAM

kooky panda
09-25-15, 10:55 AM
Please send me a Private message with your support ticket number.