View Full Version : Bubble Mania Level 444

09-22-15, 05:18 PM
Is it possible to beat level.444 without purchasing anything? If so, how.

09-22-15, 06:56 PM
Yes, it is totally possible. As has been written in this forum many times, all levels (created thus far) are beatable without using external boosts. (Some levels require the use of in-game boosts that are obtained while playing the level, though...)

Since you are already far along in the game, I won't give a complete play-by-play for this level. Some of the techniques you need to use here (also needed in some other levels) include: not popping certain locks until certain switches have been hit, hitting switches only when key bubbles are about to turn a particular color, and using thrown bubbles to build support bridges to hold key pieces in place such that they will not drop after a lock is popped. Some support bridges require more than one color to build, so you have to make sure to leave at least two colors in play in those places.

In general, as you play the level, just before popping each lock pay attention (as much as possible) to what will happen to the bubble clusters beyond the lock and plan for that. With this kind of level, you usually have to play it a bunch of times until you figure out how things are held together, and what order things need to be done in.

If you still can't figure out this level with these tips, repost here, but describe specifically what part of the level is giving you problems.