View Full Version : Graphics and Social Issues

09-17-15, 07:52 PM
Storm8 ID: jwhite8559
Game: Dragon Story: Version
Android Version: 5.0.1

Graphics Issue:
My dragons are showing that they are in the habitats but I cannot physically see them.

Social Issues:
Community says Error: List Does not exist on Server
Also when I try to visit an island when it does show up it does not visit them all it says is processing then my Island comes back up and I do not get to visit them
Also when I request help it says processing but does not give me a confirmation and I also do not receive anything that I have requested from Stormies Park and the reason I know is because I only have three friends in my list and Stormies Park is the only one I request from.

[S8] Elsa
09-22-15, 02:30 PM
We looked at your account and it looks normal on our end. Community tab also loads names.

Have you tried reinstalling the game? If you're still experiencing issues after trying this, please email support@teamlava.com so our support team can investigate this further. Thanks!

09-22-15, 06:40 PM
Yes it is supposed to load names but it isn't instead it is saying Error: List Does Not Exist On Server. And some of my dragons are in the habitats and I cannot see some of them all I can see is a shadow. And I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game several times and it did not work I have however emailed support and just got emailed back this afternoon that is why I put up this thread was because I did not receive an answer after a few days but I did finally receive an amswer today however the issue is yet to be resolved.

09-24-15, 02:24 PM
I am having the same issue of invisible dragons still after uninstalled and reinstalling. I've also emailed support and got an email with a ticket number but no answer other than a list of things to try while I wait to hear from someone. I've also not been able to do spin to win. It says try again later and when I go to try again it says I have to wait 21 hours for my next spin. It's done this 3 times now and I don't know if I actually won anything or not.

09-24-15, 04:18 PM
The spin to win has done the same thing to me however I spin it a few times and come to find out it actually did give me something I had to back out and force close the app for me to get my prize