View Full Version : Stolen gold! Goodbye DS!

09-17-15, 01:50 PM
First I don't get the 15 gold for finishing chapter 9 of the current tails event then today when I load the game to fight battles for chapter 10 the game goes straight to the buy apples section and I'm out 500 gold! I am deleting this game and all other storm8 games. Yes I can email support and maybe get my gold back but it will just happen again and I'll be screwed out of that gold because I was refunded once! Please don't reply with propagandist mumbo jumbo saying sorry to see me go blah blah blah it's obvious to me storm8 doesn't care or else there would be a confirmation button like when we sell dragons off the nest

[S8] Elsa
09-17-15, 02:09 PM
For questions regarding Gold refunds, please email support@teamlava.com for assistance.