View Full Version : Solved level 123, last baby doesn't show what is supposed to be collected

09-16-15, 02:06 PM

I played Lvl 123 a couple times and the last baby always shows the number of orange jellies that are supposed to be collected. However the last time I played the level, before winning it, the last baby appeared but he didn't show what was supposed to be collected. It was only because I knew from playing the level before what was supposed to be collected. So this looks like a bug in this level, IMO

09-16-15, 03:00 PM
Hi Athabasca55,

We tested Level 123 and experienced no issue with the last baby's request. Was the last baby asleep? Have you tried reinstalling the app? If no request appear and the baby is awake, please provide us a screenshot of this.

09-18-15, 09:13 AM
Thanks for replying. I couldn't replicate the problem either, so whew!

No, the last baby wasn't sleeping. He was quite alert! Only, he didn't have the type of food or quantity posted above his head. He just stood there smiling while I tried to guess what was needed to finish the level, which I did, luckily. He was kinda cute but not at all helpful. ��