View Full Version : TECHNICAL QUESTION-- How do you switch your account to a new device????

09-05-15, 11:22 PM
Hello Friends!!

This is my first time on the forums but I have been playing Fantasy Forest for over a year now!!! I am absolutely obsessed with my cute little critters!!! :) I'm pretty far in the game and if I were to lose anything from the game at this point it would basically break my heart. :( I play on my iPhone 5s but I'm due for a new phone this December. I plan to stay with Apple and get another iPhone but I'm worried about how my Fantasy Forest will transfer devices. I've read a few articles about how to make sure your information safely transfers devices but... I just want to be completely sure and clear on how to do it!

I know it involves the Storm8 ID and password (which I used to log into this forum), but is there anything else I need to know? I also read something emailing the company directly and explaining to them that you got a new device but...? I just set a password to my account a few weeks ago, not when I first started playing, would that effect a successful device transfer? I also never really use my password because I am always logged in on my phone. The first time I've used the password since I created it was to log into this forum about 10 minutes ago. If anyone has any experience with switching devices and keeping game info or knows what to do, let me know!!

Thanks guys! :)

[S8] Regina
09-08-15, 10:06 AM
Hi there!

You can try transferring your games here (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?59955-iOS-amp-Android-New-Login-feature-in-Limited-Games!) when you receive your new device. If you need assistance with restoring your account, please email support@storm8.com so they can help you. Please be sure to include details about your account to verify ownership.


09-27-15, 03:31 PM
I have two accounts that I use on my device, and theres an option to log in to another account in the top right corner, the one with the weird frog.