View Full Version : All my games reset

08-24-15, 12:54 PM
All my storm8 games were okay earlier. Just now, when I opened them, they had all reset!! I contacted storm8 support but who knows how long before I get an answer. Every game: World War, Animal Story, Restaurant 2, Bakery Story, Fashion Story, Hungry Babies, Kingdom Clash...ALL RESET. As if I just purchased the ipad (but my ipad isn't reset, no other data lost, just storm8 stuff). That's hundreds of dollars of stuff just VANISHED!!! I need my stuff reset! I also have competitins going on, something like 716 BILLION money in World War, over 200 gems in Restaurant 2...WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ACCOUNT??:mad::mad::confused::confused::confused:: confused:

[S8] Regina
08-24-15, 01:10 PM
Please respond to my PM to get your accounts back. Sorry about that!