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08-21-15, 05:41 AM
why have the bingo card requirements doubled? To play 4 cards it now requires 48 instead of 24 tickets

08-21-15, 05:47 PM
Hey there! Thanks for your question regarding the new alterations. Changes and features may change as you continue to play the game. We make adjustments to the game's economy to ensure the prolonged quality of the game for new and existing users. We'll pass along your feedback to the team. Thanks!

08-29-15, 02:41 PM
I find this 'new feature' horrible, and wish it to go back as it was. My wife and I both play, and our levels are different. Cost for the same level games is different for each of us.
I was playing Earth Day level, and usually play 5 cards. One day it is 35 to play 5 cards, and the next day it is 65. For my wife it is 50 for 5 cards.
I quit that level, with over 1/2 of the collection finished, and went to a cheaper level, I had to go all the way to treasure Hunt, where 5 cards today costs 35.
If I quit playing for a couple hours, the game boots me out and I have to scroll through all the levels to get back to where I was playing. What a pain...
As this is the ONLY Storm8 game I play, I feel that these changes are unwarranted and un-needed.
My support ID is W4738R.

09-22-15, 04:47 PM
Ooh he got a response. My thread in bugs never did.

10-07-15, 01:16 AM
The flashing Green boxes contin?e to perplex me. I don't understand why this feature is considered to be an improvement to the game. I would regularly play 6 to 10 games a day and now I've played one in seven days. Only popping back to see if the feature has been deleted.
Why is it no possible to turn it off as an optional extra. I understand that you must think some people are in need of this help but I find it insulting to my intelligence. Can a switch off option be introduced? I miss playing. The flashing boxes have changed my experience for the worse. Have you read your iTunes reviews lately? Not good.