View Full Version : Couple questions about iOS

08-17-15, 02:15 PM
1. My GF has been playing on iPhone for a few days, and one seeming difference from my Android is that routine actions like chopping wood or milking cows often drop extra energy. Or is that just a feature of low levels (she is at level 7), which I had forgotten?

2. How does one get Baron's Tent?

3. Does Castle Story work on ipad? I am pretty sure it does not work on Kindle; not even listed among available downloads.

08-17-15, 02:52 PM
1. Below level 10, some actions reward energy. This is a game booster for very low level players

2. iOS only

3. Work on all iPads.

08-18-15, 11:57 AM
2. iOS only

Yes, but how? Does it just appear in the Market at some level?

08-18-15, 12:02 PM
If you've upgraded to CS 1.3.3 and have your device updated, it should appear in your goal book.

Here's the link to it:


08-18-15, 12:48 PM
The tent was in the market, I didn't have a quest on my mini-mini account.

08-18-15, 01:25 PM
Oh, ok. Can't remember what prompted us to place it but knew it was irreversible once done & is not storable once placed.