View Full Version : Droid X vs iPhone Farm Story issues

02-14-11, 09:07 AM
I recently (just last week) changed from a Droid X to an iPhone and transferred my Farm Story account to the new device. The problem is that playing Farm Story on the iPhone is a NIGHTMARE!!! It crashes every 3 to 4 minutes. It is impossible to water anyone's farms and I am so frustrated! I LOVE the game but I do not have the patience for this. When I harvest my crops, I will harvest a row...it will crash....and I will have to re-harvest the row maybe 2 or 3 times before it will actually save my progress. Does anyone out there know why this is happening and if there is a fix? Thanks so much.

02-23-11, 02:25 AM
try this: lay your phone on the table or something, because i got the impression that the game crashes if i kind of shake the device. it happens to me too with ipad, less with ipod and not at all with android (galaxy tab). and yes, i'm playing it on three devices cause i'm nuts about it! :-)))

03-02-11, 10:59 PM
Off-topic: Hey icke your my neighbor LOL :x (anon)

03-11-11, 01:32 AM
Why in the heck would you trade your DROID X for a iphone?