View Full Version : Lost gems

08-11-15, 06:31 PM
I lost gems twice though I didn't use any of them:mad:
As far as I remember, the first time, about 50 gems disappeared suddenly, and the second time, about 90 gems disappeared,
which means I lost more than 100 gems at least.
I want it back a.s.a.p.!!

08-12-15, 04:33 AM
I feel your pain. I have lost a few but not nearly as many as you. Is there a "Gem Stealer" amongst the Trolls. I look up and one minute they are there and the next they have vanished. I can't afford to buy them and they are quite precious. I've lost maybe 20 at the most that I'm aware of. Could be more??? But what can we do about it????? Sure, I'd like them back too but doubtful.

08-12-15, 11:19 AM
Please write into support@storm8.com and our agents will be able to assist you with your account. :) Please provide them with your Support ID which can be located in your Settings.