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08-07-15, 03:42 AM
I'm so far behind on some stories that I seem to have gotten a little lost and can't recall what some are a part of to find tips.

I have one now called Underworld Enchantment, I think it was in reference to a red mountain or something. It says my next part is timed and I'd like to find what I need, but after 10+ pages here, I honestly have no idea what I'm looking for.

Also, this happened awhile ago for me, but the monster event made me think, 'What ever happened to Kaz?' Is everyone still missing him? Or is there a storyline coming up for me that I have not reached? Or better yet, did I muck something up?

Any insight on these would be awesome.

08-07-15, 11:01 AM
"Underworld Enchantment" is part of the last series of goals to upgrade the Blythewood Sapling into the Goddess Tree.
More info about that (& the upcoming timed part) can be found here:
[Spoiler Alert: Link reveals future steps]

To answer your other question, yes, Kaz will return; you just haven't reached that part of the story yet.
G'luck! :)

08-08-15, 02:36 AM
The best place to figure out which Goals in your book belong to which goal is to go to the Castle Story Outline Guide. I have a link in my signature below. It's in section 1 of the Hub too.... :)