View Full Version : Answered 3 days and still "Loading......."

08-06-15, 11:02 PM
If you see a bug in Bingo, please report the issue with the following information:

Your Support ID and/or Storm8 ID

Your device type (iPhone 5, iPad 3, etc.)
iPad 2

Your device OS (iOS 6.0.1, iOS 5.1.1, etc.)
iOS 8.4

Step-by-step list of what happened before the bug occurred
4 days ago, worked fine. 3 days ago is became slow and all the screens say "Loading........"
I have hard closed is 20+ times, deleted the app and reloaded the app 10+ times and still, all I get is "Loading......."
All my other apps are working perfectly.

Screenshots, if possible

08-07-15, 04:51 PM
I'm sorry to hear about this issue! Can you let us know, do you use a data or WiFi connection, or both? Does this issue occur on both data and WiFi?

Additionally, have you tried leaving the game open on your device for a few minutes without interacting with it? Please leave the game open for 5-10 minutes, without locking the screen or minimizing the app. This should allow the images to download to your game to allow you to play.

If this doesn't help, can you also let us know if the issue occurs with all Bingo levels, or are there some Bingo rooms you can still access? Thanks for your patience!

08-07-15, 07:39 PM
I use both WiFi & data so I did it this way -

Deleted app & reloaded app, then:
Turned off WiFi to use data & let it sit open 5-10 minutes - no go
Turned off data to use WiFi & let it sit open 5-10 minutes - no go

So I deleted and reloaded app again and figured "What the hell."
Went back to default settings using both data and WiFi then left it open & checked on it every five minutes or so to see what would happen.
After 22 minutes it FINALLY loaded! YAY!!!!

Next time I'll just understand it's like an old lady walking across the street - it takes forever to finish! LOL