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08-02-15, 02:31 PM
Looking for help!! I can't fully take advantage of free boosted breeding weekend because of the following problem below. I sent to teamlava the below email. I actually sent them two, because it happened with two dragons. See below. I hope someone can help, everyone on here is so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Yall are great, thanks in advance for your time. By the time team lava responds the boosted time will be over because they sent an automated response letting me know how swamped they are, yea go figure. Maybe someone can help.

First email I sent them:
To Team Lava: My level 4 crusader is stuck in breeding status, and it is not breeding. He was breeding in arctic isles with an ice age dragon and when I went back to check on the breed he was no longer on breeding platform yet his status was breeding. So I started another breed with another crusader level 10 and it bred and finished, all while level 4 crusader is still in breeding status. I forced closed game several times, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I shut down my iphone and crusader level 4 is still stuck in breeding status and his body not visible in his habitat, he is only visible in the dragon list when you are selecting a dragon for breeding, trading or evolving. His habitat indicates he is breeding as well as the list of dragons, but his body is MIA.

Email two below I sent 20 minutes later when it happened again. So now I have TWO diamond types tied up in breeding status with missing bodies. I have deleted and reinstalled several times, shut down iPhone and forced close game, nothing helps. I will check back here frequently to see if anyone can help.

To Team Lava: I just sent email about my level 4 crusader being stuck in breeding status. Now my diamond level 10 is stuck in breeding status. I put her on platform in arctic isles with a blizzard and went back later and nobody is on platform, blizzard is back in his habitat and diamond is stuck in breeding status. I can't keep loosing my available diamonds at this time because I'm trying to take advantage of the boosted breeding weekend, and now I have two diamond types stuck in breeding status and out of commission. Please respond ASAP because if you take too long I can't use the boosted breeding weekend to its fullest potential.

[S8] Elsa
08-03-15, 10:22 AM
Support will follow up on your ticket. Please note that our support desk has limited support on the weekend. :)