View Full Version : The latest update stole everything!

07-26-15, 12:49 PM
I've got my little guy holding his bubble, the shute with the next bubble, the counter, the bubbles to be shot at, the background image... and absolutely NOTHING else! :confused: ALL of the other graphics are gone, and tapping everywhere does nothing, I have to close/reopen to get it going again.

Before that last insta-crash update, the crashing issue used to be: play a level, and better close/reopen or the next one's gonna crash upon completion. But now, it's: play a level, attempt to play another level, and...

(I'm on a 1st gen iPad, posting pics requires half a million steps. I can email them, if someone could post them for me. :o )


So umm... thanks for the update, really, it's nice to be playing again, but this is a new one. :p

07-27-15, 11:14 AM
Sorry to hear about that! Can you try reinstalling the game, then leave the game open for several minutes when you initially open it? It may need some time to fully download all the assets.