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07-25-15, 07:53 AM
Hello, I've just had the new goal 'You're hot and you're cold' in which I must tend a magic fruit tree. I don't have the gems to buy it. But it is written ' you do not have to purchase this !' How is it possible to tend it without buying the tree ? thanks for your help !

07-25-15, 08:12 AM
It means you don't have to buy it to progress in the game. There is a timer on that "goal", just let it expire if you don't want to purchase the tree. The reward is 20(?) gems, I think, so it kinda acts as a rebate for using gems to buy the tree but it's not required and there are no other goals for that quest line after that one page.
If, however, you decide to purchase the tree later, you won't get that rebate/reward because that page will have expired and will no longer be in your quest book.
Hope that clears it up for ya. :)

07-28-15, 02:32 AM
Thanks a lot !