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07-25-15, 06:39 AM
Unfortunately Storm8 has changed the Balance of the Game. "Jungle Treasures" has changed Place with "Gladiators". I'm Level 54, after the change Level 32. The Support has fixed this and i'm back at Level 54. But... To reach level 55 i needed 14.000.000 stars before the change, now i have to collect 5.935.000.000 stars. Thats about 400x more than before the Game has been changed. My Coins have gone to Zero trying to collect this huge amount of Stars. But the machines have not the payout that would be needed for that. With Jungle Treasures it could work. But i'm 6 Level away from it. The Game is dead for me now. Even if i would buy Coins for 100 bucks it would be too less. I will collect the 4 hours Bonus hoping Storm8 will make a readaption of the balance. R.I.P. Fortune Slots.

kooky panda
07-28-15, 02:42 PM
I believe the cap level for this game may be 54, so the stars to reach the next level is really high. If S8 adds new levels, then the 5 million number should change.

I will check to get confirmation on this.

07-28-15, 11:39 PM
Thanks for the information. Then i will collect the Bonus Coins and see what happens in the future.

kooky panda
07-30-15, 10:18 AM
I stand corrected. Level 54 is not the highest level in the game.

S8 recently made some tuning changes so leveling now requires more XP and the two rooms Gladiators and Jungle Treasures have been switched. These are intended gameplay changes.

If you would like to leave feedback regarding the chances please send a email to support@sharkparty.com :)

54 isn't the highest level in the game, but as you level the XP requirement will increase too. ^_^

02-23-16, 06:33 PM
I got jungle treasures at level 60 but now I'm at 71 and no new slot opened at 70, been saying coming soon but am I too assume game is done and won't be upgraded anymore?