View Full Version : Second chance for missing goals

07-24-15, 02:16 AM
Hello, I suggest you to give a second chance for those who missing the goals. I really want some appliances but I can't buy it because it's expired... So unfair!!

10-19-15, 02:59 PM
I agree with this. It's frustrating seeing ovens, tables, etc that I'd like to get but can't because they connect to goals that happened before I started playing. Maybe you could do something like what Dragonvale does and make everything available around Christmas?

10-23-15, 08:29 AM
I highly agree with this or at least remove them so I cant see them.

kooky panda
10-23-15, 01:58 PM
Please see current thread here (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?71144-Ovens-and-other-goal-items&p=935189&viewfull=1#post935189).

If they remove these items, then the players that completed goals and earned them would no longer have access to them.