View Full Version : Social Oven (new appliance to add boost into social features of the game)

07-21-15, 10:57 AM

Hi! Today when I was eating my breakfast and playing RS2, I got an idea of new appliance, which would improve the social features of the game. Currently, visiting other people's restaurants doesn't give you almost any benefits, same with being visited. Personally the only in-game social feature which I am using is "gift back". Let me go a little further in my idea.

I am having an idea of new appliance called Neighborhood/Social Oven, (the name isn't locked in as you might guess). Your neighbors could be able to fill crates of ingredients. When all of your crates are full, you can start cooking. Cooking takes 6 hours to complete and you won't know which product is being produced unless it's ready. Almost every of the current foods (even the ones you haven't learnt with smaller chance) are possible to be done with the oven. There would be rare chance to get Superior prefix which would make you get 1-5 gems and increase the chance of eaters to drink from Water Cart by 25% (the chance is 5,10,15 or 20% depending on the mastery score you have on the produced food). After the food is cooked the oven needs 12 hours to cool down for another cooking. Ideal unlock level would be 21. Cooking with the oven wouldn't grant mastery stars, but would give experience points to the ones who filled crates & servings/coins to the one who owns the oven. One player should be able to fill max. two crates of 6-12, depending on the count of neighbors you have. Once you hit level 21, you are able to build the oven free of cost, needing repair. Repair would take 150 tips, either received or given, to start the construction of 24 hours.

I would also wish to see new neighborhood-list coming into the bottom of the screen from the Spoon & Spatula section. The list would include the avatars and name with smaller font. There would be exclamation mark if the neighbor needs ingredients into his/her social oven.


PERSON-1 opens the game and notes the Spatula/Spoon section has exclamation mark on it. He decides to check out if he could earn some extra experience points and eventually help out his neighbor. His neighbor called PERSON-2 has 8 crates, with 6 already filled. PERSON-1 notes that PERSON-2 needs 4 tomatoes and 3 chicken. PERSON-1 fills both crates and gets 4 + 3 experience points + the amount of 7 tips into social score.

PERSON-2 is glad and starts cooking of the food. After six hours PERSON-2 serves the random food which appears as Tuna Casserole (1700 plates / 3400 coins). Seems like PERSON-2 was really lucky as she also gets prefix Superior into her food. Her Superior Tuna Casserole grants her 2 gems after all of plates has been served. She has to click the empty plate to get the gems. Cause the food was superior her customers had 25% increased chance to drink from Water Cart & the plates had small golden mist of shine over them.

07-28-15, 07:02 PM
I really love your idea! But I think it would be more fair if the Person 1 (who helps his nbr filling the crates), received part of servings from Person 2. With more help Person 1 will get more servings from the food the Person 2 had earned!