View Full Version : TROUBLE with Forest Name - NOT ANSWERED!!

07-20-15, 09:37 PM
Hi Team Lava ~ I have a problem. I tried to change my forest name. The name changed on my own profile only, but whenI visit nbrs, it shows the old name. I mentioned this to a moderator who said this is a known glitch. I poste on the forum and received no reply. I contacted TL Support. I was told only that there was no record of gems spent. That reply completely misses the mark, and does not address my problem. Is there another scenario in which a player has two names on a single forest? From my perspective, the only way to change the forest name is by spending gems. My attempt obviously failed. Can this problem be solved? If not, then yes. I'd like a refund of my 25 gems. The real cost of 25 gems is equal to about $1 ~ a trivial amount in real money compared with the amount I spend on TL games. I would sincerely appreciate a reply!

[S8] Elsa
07-21-15, 10:45 AM
Please continue working with support regarding your account. :)