View Full Version : Not getting the gems after mastering foods

07-10-15, 06:45 PM

I get the message to collect the gems after i mastered a specific food but after I click collect, the gems are not added to my gems counter.

I checked in the trophy section and they are not there either.

I thought it was a one time glitch but it happened 4 times already (the only stars I have in my food to be precise)

Any help?

07-13-15, 11:43 AM
Hey there! Unlike Restaurant Story, Restaurant Story 2 does not reward you with a Gem for mastering recipes. When you master recipes you get a nice placemat for your food and when you get to Level 3, you get a plaque for the food that you mastered to three stars. Sorry for any confusion!

07-13-15, 05:51 PM
Thanks Storm8 for the information.

So there is no any way to get gems playing the game? Apart from buying them?