View Full Version : Feral Magic Trick?

07-09-15, 04:11 PM
Any trick to coming across feral magic? I feel like I've killed 40 dire boars and have not gotten any feral magic.

07-09-15, 04:20 PM
Where are you at on Goals? can you do the Feral Lands Adventure?

07-09-15, 06:08 PM
Yes, I am stuck at Kaz's Change of Heart, need 2 more feral magic.

07-10-15, 04:34 AM
Keep persevering.... They are a real nuisance to find, but they will drop. And yes go on the feral lands adventure as burritosprings suggested as they always drop from there (plus you have a chance of some good box drop items too!)

07-11-15, 05:48 AM
I've done the feral lands adventure two or three times and no feral magic... What other ways can I spawn dire boars? I seriously haven't seen it in months.