View Full Version : UPDATE 7/7/15 catypuss

07-07-15, 12:56 PM
Citrine and sapphire 18hrs


07-07-15, 12:59 PM
Congrats! :)

07-07-15, 01:03 PM
Surprisingly, got it on first attempt with emerald and lightning leopard. Breeding time 18 hrs. Good luck everyone!

07-07-15, 01:13 PM
Congrats! :)

Thank you got him 3rd attempt really thought I'd get stuck on this with all the combos��

07-07-15, 02:05 PM
Catypuss - Electric/Nature - 18 hrs. breeding time & 22 hrs. evolution time - Rare - Buy for 600 Gems - 260 XP gained

Goal -


Have a Cattypuss

Reward: + 5 Gems & + 60 XP

07-07-15, 11:55 PM
Can't believe I got this first time too!! Lightning leopard and pandafodil.

07-08-15, 01:53 AM
Can't believe I got this first time too!! Lightning leopard and pandafodil.

Me too!

07-09-15, 02:17 AM
For once I got one easily! :P
I'm currently enjoying taking a few 4-element shots at a Crystal Unicorn, using water-dark-electric-nature, so the 'fails' can be some of MANY animals I still need from that combination (it has 33 possible outcomes of which there are 21 that I still need, and then there's the common Chromadile that I would like to get instead of spending 10 gems to skip that part for the Fandingo goal).
The second try at this combination gave me an 18 hour timer. There are 5 18 hour outcomes of this combination and I was afraid it would be another Elephantom or Bansheep. The other 3 18 hour timers were the good fails (Catypuss, Freezel and the Punk Skunk), well then, I was lucky: it turned out to be the Catypuss!
It's nice to get something easily for once. :D

As the original breeding would have ended in the middle of the night I decided to speed the last part of the hatching so I could put in another breeding overnight. The hatching is to end at 2:05 a.m., so that sounds like some 2 more gems will be spent on it tonight. Fortunately there is a small gem goal at this moment on this animal, so as a net result the speeding actions did not cost many gems.


07-09-15, 06:50 PM
Sounds like you're doing really well right now. Congrats!!!

07-13-15, 12:57 PM
Hello I got Catypuss. I breeding with Crystal Unicorn / Thunderhawk, I got Thunderhawk, Storm Sphinx and Catypuss

07-13-15, 09:31 PM
^^ I'm very jealous of your success!! I still need Storm Sphinx which I've been hoping for as a fail of Catypuss breeding. Alas only 5 Thunderhawks, an Eagle Beagle, a Porkupine, and just today a Shockatoo. I have all of these already *sigh* I hate when they make rares so hard to breed for. Also I'm sensing another limited will come out tomorrow....

07-14-15, 07:52 PM
No Catypuss yet. I got several thunderhawks, an eagle beagle, a storm sphinx... still waiting on that cat!

08-08-15, 01:37 PM
Finally got my Catypus, after trying on and off for a month now.