View Full Version : 2 Points of Feedback

07-02-15, 05:21 PM
1. Make the "watch videos to get free gems" and "watch video to speed up cooking" option for everyone- not sure why it wouldn't be in the first place since that's more profit for you guys and happier customers. If you're worried about losing customers since they can get free gems, decrease it to 2 videos a day or do options like that. Not giving players equal options is just a terrible idea all around.

2. Survey customers before you implement new ideas. You can have a popup in game that will ask players id theyd like to complete a survey to help improve the game and then link it to a web survey asking customers if they would pay gems for this new feature or that new feature. That way, you'll have much happier customers and you might get more people buying stuff; if the Bavarian oven was presented to people as a new oven that would be premade for only 5 gems, survey takers might say that they would want it and it would be more of a new option to have instead of something that would make players angry.

All in all, these two points: one, treat all players equally, and two, survey players first, should be all you need to keep the majority if customers happy. Please consider my suggestions seriously :) Thank you for your time!

07-03-15, 12:15 PM
Agreed. Android players have no: blocking features, watching videos for anything, bundles, and we get all updates slower and have to download entire new versions constantly (you only get gems for it if you wait weeks after it comes out, if at all). So it gets old seeing people complain about those features not working.

07-03-15, 12:18 PM
And, frankly, I would happily give up the gems for downloading a new update if it meant I could keep trolls and jagweeds off my wall.