View Full Version : bug lost my deer stable and kingdom inn

06-27-15, 05:21 PM
Purchased the both the winter buildings both of them were placed in my town. I was able to construct the first one with 50 wood 50 stone and a few simple glues the other I was waiting on hide and some coal. The other day I log in and there spots are empty I checked my inventory even though one of them wasn't built. I also closed and reopened the game a few times and still nothing. :(
Sorry if this should be in the bugs forum or something :/ first time on this forum ...

06-27-15, 06:42 PM
Check this thread: http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?82585-Decorations-on-sale!-And-gem-coin-Kingdom-Inn-Reindeer-Stable

06-27-15, 06:43 PM
You should probably send an email to support


Give as much info as possible

06-27-15, 06:50 PM

Please refer to this open thread.