View Full Version : Storm 8 Team--Birthday Event Year 2

06-25-15, 04:27 PM
A Message To The Storm Team!

This event has given players at different levels a chance to win all the prizes!
By putting ingredients in the prize machines you made it possible for lower levels to participate.

The prize selection has been outstanding. Love the animations!
And all the skins for the animals and buildings!

You listened to what we asked for!
Players did not have to try to log on every three hours in order to be able to obtain the elusive prize! They were still able to go to work, do daily activities and sleep at night!

It appears to me that even if a player misses a couple days of play they would still have a chance to obtain all the prizes!

Well done! Everyone on the Storm Team that brainstormed this event in my opinion deserves a bonus! I am hoping this event rewards the company with as much revenue as they have received from past events!

Note for future events!
Allow over zealous players that premakes event items a way to dump them, either through plane, train or balloon deliveries!