View Full Version : Woven cloth

06-25-15, 02:36 AM
I'm up to date, completely out of quests except for the Fortune Teller Tent.
I've just reached fortune nr. 41: " Fortunate (For Some)". Reward: 3x woven cloth.


I remember making some woven cloth in certain special questst in the past, but what on earth can I do now with woven cloth....?!
Only hope for a future quest that requires it....?

06-25-15, 03:36 AM
The biggest user of Woven cloth was for the troll castle. Some other quests also used it.

06-25-15, 03:50 AM
i wasn't able to do thanksgiving 2014 as i was low level, but i remember those table needed clothes for upgrades.
so nobody knows for which new quest or special event we cd use our inventory in future...