View Full Version : Diamond quest: How to beat level 154

06-19-15, 09:42 AM
How to beat level 154 on diamond quest?

06-21-15, 06:47 PM
Does anyone know how to beat stage 154? Help please!!

06-23-15, 11:15 PM
21069Here's the team I used but I only got one star and moved on. I am going back to get 3 stars on every stage but I'm not there yet. Hope this helps.

06-24-15, 04:01 AM
I used this team:21071
I think I always start by making a blue bomb in the lower central part by moving the uppermost blue one down one move. Then I go to the top, and make a vertical match of three of the "Ice" colored ones, so that it opens a hole in the line, and the gems can flow downwards. I try to make as many special gems as I can, and whenever possible, use two special gems together, for more points, and bigger blasts. The best match is a potion and a bomb. Try to prevent the spider from throwing blocks, even if you just make a random match below it, sometimes you get lucky, and your match starts a cascade that matches the gems targeted by spider.
If you don't have these players, try to find some combo that has one that removes blocks, one that removes brackets, and one that lights up "Diamond Squares". Remember to use only the colors listed on pal page, there are NO YELLOW gems on this puzzle. So no yellow pals. You can use more than one pal of the same color, if you have to. But the colors are pretty evenly used in this puzzle, so it's not much of an advantage, unless they are the only ones you have that do a certain thing. Well, that's all I can think of. Hope it helps! Good Luck!