View Full Version : Can't unlock 'Puff Oven'

06-15-15, 01:32 PM
I was able to get started on the whip and the Sweet and Co goal but when I try to build a puff oven, it's locked. I don't know what to do to get the puff oven since the only two displayed goals are the aforementioned Sweet and Co and Whip goals.

Any suggestions?

06-15-15, 02:12 PM
Hey there! You will need to complete the Goal "Basket Baker" in order to unlock the Puff Oven. You should see the Goal in your Goal Book. Please let us know if you don't see it! :)

kooky panda
06-15-15, 02:38 PM
You can follow the goals on the current Goal thread here. (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?82268-BAKERY-GOALS-2015-Jun-10-Balloon-Festival&p=1123778&viewfull=1#post1123778)