View Full Version : Complete goals don't give reward.

06-11-15, 07:26 AM
I'm on level 410. I can go back and play any level to earn keys. When I play the ones suggested "goal section", it does not give the reward. This has been happening for a week or so. It is very frustrating. Help.

Also, when i complete an island, I'm no longer rewarded with completion gems. This has been for the past 10 or so islands.

06-11-15, 04:12 PM
Someone has reset me back to level one. I did not ask for that. Whoever did it needs to fix it.

06-11-15, 04:54 PM
Please force-close your game and restart it to see if your progress is back.

Could you please let us know or provide us with screenshots of the level, the exact Goal instructions, and the expected reward where this issue occurs? We would like to look into this.

10-10-15, 09:28 AM
This happens to me also.I go back to earn gems & complete requirements & nothing happens! No rewards!