View Full Version : Bliss Dragon - Limited Time 6-6-15.

06-05-15, 02:22 PM
I have a new dragon listed in my shop the Bliss Dragon. Listed as a featured dragon for a limited time (6 days I think). Blue/Green combo. 800 Gold to buy.
So I bred Water and Forest and got 18 hours??? At least it is not and island :).

Is there any info or a pic of this dragon??

06-05-15, 02:32 PM
18 hours could be waverider or holographic

06-05-15, 02:38 PM
According to the Site That Shall Not be Linked To, Bliss is a 10 hr. There are 8 possible outcomes with Water x Forest, so freshfunin2008 is right, you have either a Holographic or a Waverider. Congrats if you don't have either.

06-05-15, 02:40 PM

Bliss dragon
800 gold
10 hours

I think this is a beautiful dragon!

06-05-15, 02:41 PM
Thanks, MaribouMay!

I usually can't stand that dragon design, but this one is very pretty.

06-05-15, 03:36 PM
Thank you to both Mythdefied and MaribouMay.

I already have Waverider but a holographic would be nice.

06-05-15, 08:28 PM
Cue the Mist fails. *sigh*

06-05-15, 09:43 PM
Tossed in Forest and Water and got 10 hours?!?! This is the 2nd time I get a new dragon on first try, and it's an awesome feeling :) Lucky in love, unlucky in battles...

06-06-15, 04:30 AM
Cue the Mist fails. *sigh*

Actually, it's much worse. Island fails, at 20 hours each. :(

06-06-15, 06:55 AM
The first time I tried I went with Pansy and Night so I could still try for Divine and the new Flamingo. Got 11 hours! I was so excited I thought maybe I finally got Mask or the new Flamingo. Nope my 400th Althletic. I decided to just speed it up and try just blue/green and got 20 hours. Total fail. I'm doing horrible at the tourney right now too. Hopefully my luck changes soon. Good luck everyone!

06-06-15, 06:48 PM
Got it first try with Island + Atlantic. 10 hrs breed time. The egg is very pretty :)

06-06-15, 08:23 PM
One account - first try ( plain blue & green combo ) .....I guess it made up for my island fail on my second ;)

06-07-15, 03:43 AM
2nd try with Diamond + Emerald :D
Good luck all!

06-07-15, 09:13 PM
Four Islands in a row - yawn!:p

06-07-15, 09:41 PM
Island after Island fail.

06-08-15, 04:55 AM
This dragon is EPIC!! I love the Devine form!!!:) Anyone wanna trade me golds? plz add athu333 and add bakerystoe for it! 2 spots for ya! add athu333 and I will send gold for you! So plz plz Give back to bakerystoe acct!:)))) Thanks

06-08-15, 05:18 AM
Beautiful egg and dragon, but going through a bunch of Island fails just isn't worth it for a blue/green rare, as far as I'm concerned.

06-08-15, 06:58 AM
Four island dragons so far, the only reason I'm still trying for this is the chance to get an Atlantis Dragon

06-08-15, 08:02 AM
Island after Island fail.

Me too:( It's hard to breed! ( Can u trade gold with me?)

06-08-15, 10:47 AM
The egg is beautiful!!...But I'm unsure whether I like the look of the dragon. I guess it'll have to win me over once I breed it!

06-08-15, 12:10 PM
Four island dragons, a winter rose and now I've got an 18 hour cooking up. Sure hope I can get this one!

06-08-15, 06:29 PM
Islands, Islands everywhere!
Got a waverider but no luck on Bliss yet...

06-08-15, 08:55 PM
Is it just my imagination or did the popup for this dragon tease something about the Bliss dragon helping with the dragon Isle tales? Those last chapters are a beating and it's worth all these island fails for a boost for the next Tale.

06-09-15, 02:58 AM
Got it with Forest x Emerald after four Island fails

06-09-15, 05:57 AM
My 5th Island fail. I'm not speeding since I had to waste gold in the tournament. I'm trying to save 400 gold so next time a Gold dragon is released for 600 I won't have to spend too much money buying gems to get it. I really wanted this Bliss but 20 fails are just horrible.

06-09-15, 07:13 AM
4 island fails, atlantic and now winter rose.. *sigh*

06-09-15, 07:28 AM
Got 2 island fails and gave up, may try again later if I'm in the mood

06-09-15, 12:15 PM
After four Island fails, I now have a 12 hour. I don't need either a Gemstone or a Winter Rose, sadly. But it's still a nice break from endless Islands.

06-09-15, 07:15 PM
Two Islands on the nest and 20 hour breed time in the den. Already traded two...ughhh.

06-09-15, 08:31 PM
In uncharacteristic good luck I got mine after just two fails: Mist & Island using Diamond & Holographic.

Best of luck to all still trying. I think this is one of the prettiest dragons there is. So happy to have one in the family.

06-10-15, 02:31 PM
L/4 Island x L/6 Atlantis bred this 10 hour Bilss!

06-10-15, 07:20 PM
I got mine today after two Islands, one Serpent, one Waverider and one Atlantis (so basically I got every other blue-green dragon that I already had XD). It's really beautiful!

06-10-15, 07:25 PM
Think I'm on island 6, a winter rose, holographic and a serpent.

06-11-15, 08:27 PM
Ive tried all week for this dragon... Ive gotten 5 islands, 2 waveriders, and a gemstone. The only other blue/green Im missing is the winter rose.

I even paid 100 gold for the breeding roost, but no luck. I wish this dragon would stay for another week.

Congrats to those that got Bliss

06-12-15, 03:41 AM
Just got an 18-hour.

After so many Islands in a row, I'm just as happy to get anything else as I would be to get Bliss!!

06-12-15, 04:30 AM
Islands, poison, holographic, serpent, waverider in other words I can get anything but Bliss.

06-12-15, 06:35 AM
Giving up on this and going back to breeding for Diamond hybrids

06-12-15, 08:17 AM
So bummed :( been trying all week on two roosts & getting nothing but Island fails and a couple of Waverider fails. Sucks that I missed out on this one :(

Congrats to all who got it.

06-12-15, 09:52 AM
Lost count of the Isaland fails...got a gemstone...whoopie. Now another 20 hour breed time. Wonder what that could possibly be...*sigh*

06-12-15, 10:58 AM
Maybe it is removed already. I am having no luck in some of my accts.

06-12-15, 10:59 AM
Yes it's gone now ��

06-12-15, 11:00 AM
Maybe it is removed already. I am having no luck in some of my accts.

Yeah, Bliss is gone from the market :(

This week's new dragon is Teacup

06-12-15, 11:05 AM
No wonder, well, good thing I gave up already

06-12-15, 11:08 AM
Bliss was just removed today. It was only a week lomg LTO. Now we have the teacup dragon.

06-12-15, 12:22 PM
I tried the whole week for Bliss, but only got 6 Islands, 1 Atlantis and one 12 hour dragon, that should be Gemstone or Winter Rose. Congratulations to everyone who got Bliss, it's beautiful.

06-12-15, 08:06 PM
I tried the whole week for Bliss, but only got 6 Islands, 1 Atlantis and one 12 hour dragon, that should be Gemstone or Winter Rose. Congratulations to everyone who got Bliss, it's beautiful.

I also tried a week but gave up pretty much the same day it was removed

06-13-15, 09:23 AM
I got it on the last day. Guess I was just lucky.

06-13-15, 03:41 PM
I got it on the last day. Guess I was just lucky.

Aw congrats! You are!