View Full Version : this game is buggy

06-02-15, 06:08 AM
For the last three weeks i have been playing in first place in my leauge, i have only recieved first place jewels once in this time, it always takes two + days calculating results, weekly tournaments end on Sunday its now just reset Tuesday evening with again player 1 "Hamish" on 21,591 points as well as this the game does not run smoothly always stuttering in flow, resulting in premature death as the lag wont let you jump as high or as long as might other wise do in a free flowing run, its dissapointing to play to better your results only to have it not reconised in the rankings or to not recieve the rewards, if number 1 spot is carried over surely its the player with the top score and not the player in second place.

06-23-15, 04:22 PM
Is any one trying to resolve the scoring issues? They appear to be getting worse instead of better. My score at the end of the week is the same at the end of the scoring week as it is after my first run of the week. It is almost never increased after the initial run. This is very frustrating for any player. Although I see numerous complaints on the board, I've yet to see a response from a moderator or Storm 8.