View Full Version : My Dread Panda is missing.

06-01-15, 12:50 PM
I finished the last tournament where the prize was a Dread Panda late at night, with only one hour or so to spare. I even waked up to play the last round, I won, I put the egg in the nest, collected some money from the habitats and I went back to sleep. (I am from Europe, we get to play these 36 hours tournaments mostly at night. They start at 9:00 pm here, and they finish at 9:00 am. that is 2 nights and only 1 daytime)

Next morning when I woke up, the tournament was finished, but my nest was empty, my dread panda was not there and it was not in storage either.

What can I do to recover my Panda?

06-01-15, 01:16 PM
Sorry to hear about that! Please try force closing your game to see if it shows up. If you still don't see it after that, please email support@teamlava.com so we can take a look. Thanks!