View Full Version : Yin Yang Dragon- Value Pack

05-29-15, 12:07 PM
This week's value pack for me is the Yin Yang Dragon. I already have a super rare b/w but love the look of this dragon. Wondering if it is worth it or if I should wait for something better.
Still sort of kicking myself for passing up Astromancer when it was offered.

05-29-15, 12:15 PM
I've always wanted this one because I love how it looks. Bought it immediately. At least this week there were no useless maps offered with it; food is always welcome.

05-29-15, 01:30 PM
was hoping they bring it back to try for and not another cash grabbing bundle SMH ill pass this time

07-10-15, 08:09 AM
hello guys... i have been trying to breed an anubis for over 2 months. i have alot of SR dragons and diamond hybrids still no luck.... any suggesstion would be greatly appreciated.... anubis would be very useful to use in the tournaments...btw i also have spirit, gilded knight, and wp and most recently BEASTMASTER. anybody is welcome to visit my land if you want to. have a great safe summer everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-10-15, 11:01 AM
Already got it, so not a pack for me, but for those who don't have it feel free to buy it