View Full Version : Is there a MAX NUMBER for ADAMANT?

05-27-15, 04:50 PM
I keep getting to 99 on Mithril and the Glimmer Fragments & Shards so I use a bunch of them making a block of Adamant, but now I am fast approaching 99 of Adamant and wondered IF it has a Maximum of 99 or will I still be able to make more. I cannot find any way to spend the Adamant except once in a while you all have a goal for a piece or 2 of it.

Please advise.


05-27-15, 07:53 PM
max 99. sometimes items can over the limit (refer to the Information Nuggets in the Hub). Have you done sister sister? I'd use my fragments/shards on creating dark seeds anyway as they don't have a limit.

the option to craft adamant will be greyed out once you reach 99.

05-29-15, 09:07 AM
Thank you for your response. Good to know there is no max on the dark seeds. Every time I get close to 99 (which is almost daily) I use the seeds to make the flowers. I completed Sister, Sister months and months ago. I am not aware of anything I have not completed. I currently have no expansions available and I have over 330 Trade tickets. I have been maxed on Wisp Lanterns for months too and usually I am maxed on Wisps but I keep sending out my knights so I can use some of the yellow stuff that you use wisps to make so that helps a little.

I guess within a week I will be maxed on the Adamant (sigh). Oh well, thanks for info.