View Full Version : Is teamlava even listening

05-24-15, 09:28 AM
I'm finding it hard to enjoy this game because most things are basically impossible to reach for starters to expand or upgrade my food supply I need certain parts from CID mainly he drops nails for me the rest of the parts are extremely rare especially shovels haven't seen them from him in over two months so I find it frustrating the fact I can't move forward in the game I reckon the building parts should be made a little easier to obtain before the recent updates I never had a problem with cids drops different parts all the time but lately all I get are nails or wood.
Gifting has become a bit of a drag the gifts use to be great but after the few upgrades that have happen all the gifts I get are $10 and $15 and a very rare helping hand if I'm lucky please change the gifting back or maybe make it so we can choose what we want to send.
Also what's the deal with level 49 need a massive amount experiance points to react level 50 the other levels weren't like this it'll take ages to react that amount?!?!
I'm not the only one who's having these problems lots of people want the same thing make things a little less out of players reach.

05-24-15, 09:48 AM
Never fear. They do hear and are quick to right any glitches that are advantageous to players.

I can't believe you really don't find the game enjoyable! Shocking, really. Because every now and then the mods will drop in and say things like how the developers are making changes

to improve the balance of the game, particularly so for new players, and should improve the overall life-cycle for the game, or how the purpose of these challenges players experience in successfully playing the game is in keeping with their goal of

balancing the economy of the game to provide a fun and engaging experience that everyone can enjoy for a long time,.


05-24-15, 03:42 PM
It takes time to write the code and test new ideas and changes to games. They can't just add every feature people suggest, it's not that simple.

If you don't enjoy the game, don't play. It's quite simple. ;)

05-26-15, 06:17 AM
Basically this is a place people can come and voice there thoughts on what they want for the game no harm in that as much as we'd like to see certain things they won't all happen in a hurry and some people want to complain about things there having trouble with isn't any harm in that it's good to have good and bad feedback lets the team building these games know what to improve on
I do very much enjoy this game I think it is fantastic just after the updates my game has been acting up same with others not the only one to complain about things there having troubles with that's my point of view don't like it don't read it.