View Full Version : Will not stay connected to the internet

05-19-15, 01:02 PM
Bakery Story REFUSES to stay connected to the wi-fi. And no, it's not my internet connection or my tablet since ALL other games (including other Team Lava Games) work perfectly fine. For the last 10-15 minutes I keep getting the "oh darn, Bakery Story is an online game" message and it's seriously starting to annoy me lol. I don't know what the bug/glitch is but as I said it's ONLY Bakery Story that's doing this. I've restarted my tablet, cleaned the cache, cleaned the data, ect and nothing is working.

05-19-15, 01:55 PM
This can happen if you're playing on an old version. If you're on android then the latest version is called Poets Corner. Try that if you haven't already. Good luck

Sorry just noticed it's only for 10-15 minutes. Could be just their server. It happens sometimes. Seems to be working ok for me now though.

05-19-15, 02:09 PM
Sorry to hear that! Could you try turning off and on your wifi and see if you are able to connect now? Please let us know!

05-19-15, 07:38 PM
I have the same problem and it's so frustrating! This is the only game/app that won't stay connected. Somebody do something!

05-19-15, 07:39 PM
I've tried everything.