View Full Version : Price of things a shame

05-18-15, 09:29 AM
The price of something's are a []shame for this game I realise that you need to make a profit for the many people that work on creating games like these but seriously this is one of the highest priced games for gems coins etc
Non of your other games charge so much to buy a gem pack so why charge so much in this game that has become so popular see I wouldn't mind buy gems every now and then to help me complete goals or expansions if the price wasn't so high it's just rediculous I doubt any one would pay that much being were not all rich and money doesn't just fall from the sky so most people like me can't be spending $20 on just a small amount of gems just to complete something in a app you'd be better of charging $3 for 120 gems more people would see that's more cheaper would buy more often that would add up for you to make some money because no one is ganna spend $20 here and there on a game.