View Full Version : Constant Crashing

05-17-15, 06:55 AM
It is practically impossible to do anything without crashing. I have had to stop visiting neighbours, but I will crash while harvesting crops...battling. And very annoying because I have now lost out on several mining pieces and bombs. Just now I was mining...had 5 pieces and crashed. I know I will not be able to get this dragon because of the constant crashing. I only mine one or two times per visit but even so....still crash and get no credit. I play a number of games on this device, some with heavier graphics than this game and have NO issues

05-17-15, 10:50 AM
Same here. I have uninstalled and reinstalled , end task, etc. It is frustrating. I am on android

[S8] Elsa
05-18-15, 02:19 PM
Sorry to hear about this. Does it give you the option to report the crash? If yes, please tap Report > Preview and then scroll down to Error or Exception Error and let us know the error message you receive.

05-18-15, 03:11 PM
No...no.error...the screen just goes black and I get thrown out....just lost two more bombs and at least three pieces...never got to finish with the second bomb.

05-19-15, 11:52 AM
Crashed twice today...once harvesting crops and the other, of course while mining. The mining dragon is totally out of reach now because I have lost so many bombs and pieces. This is the only S8 game I have spent money on but no point spending more because It is getting to v the point where I am not going to be able to play.

05-26-15, 03:52 PM
Usually while mining. New dragon....crashed, three pieces and two bombs lost. Not happy. I missed outvon the last mining dragon due to the crashing.